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Kiriaya / Jun 20, 2019 / Recruitment
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As we have been largely inactive for two years, give or take, I should like to begin recruiting this coming Saturday. You may each reccomend any players you like, or encourage any you encounter to apply. Please direct them to the application on this site, and have them follow our twitter feed. We will set appointments to run with prospective Knights, in a solo + existing Knights or SMALL group + existing Knights to serve as our interview process. The appointments will be largely depending on everyone's schedule, so let's all try to find some aligning hours in our week to week, please. It is ok if this drive is light, and even a little ad-hoc. I believe that after the length of virtual inactivity, we don't wish to overwhelm our small number with a heavy influx of new personnel.
Further, I would like to hear any ideas in regards to how this and future recruitment drives should run. If we wish to rebuild and want it to be more stable than the last swell of numbers, I think we should work with concrete formulas that facilitate smooth entry into our ranks, and ensure that we maintain an active and varied player base.
Any suggestions to recruitment, events, structure or any other workings of the Guild are on the table. Bring your best ideas, your best intentions and your best friends.
Lets make this guild again something that the world of Erinn will see as a positive and far reaching influence for years to come.
Finally, please take note of our new slogan. Though we are still ever at the service of any and all, I feel the following fits so much more our mission:

"Make friends. Make memories. Make a difference."

With that...

At ease, Knights!

Knight Command Leader
The Knights of Tir

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