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Kiriaya / Jul 06, 2022 / Recruitment
Good morning, my Knights!

I know It's been a little while since I wrote. My apologies for being so long in between each communique. Life simply gets so busy, that by the time I get in the door, all I can do is eat and head to sleep. I am still searching endlessly for a means to change that, though progress is slow going at best. One hopes for a turn in fortune soon.

I'm posting this today as something happened that may at least offer all of us a chance to spend some time together, regardless of schedules. I've just woke, and to my surprise, a game I pre-registered for downloaded sometime last night.

It is called "It's Me (#me)", and looks to be very Mabi-esque. Upon opening the game, it would seem that the servers go live at approximately 7:00pm MST(Arizona time), which would put you lot on the East coast live at approximately 10:00pm tonight. The client is available on the Google play store.

I will be playing the game on an Android device, though it seems to be available for IOS as well. I'm not certain if there will be cross-play between the two operating systems, though I hope so. If you don't have Android, remember, there are a fair few Android emulators, such as "BlueStacks," which is free, of course.

I will post any server/character info here for anyone late to read this, in the hopes that we might all meet there one day, past and present Knights together, with a chance to begin anew.

I hope this finds each of you well, and it is my heart's deepest wish to see all of you again soon.

With all my love, my wonderful Knights.

<3 Kiri
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