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Meavepagan / Sep 13, 2018
Well it appears that Nexon was really listening . I think this is VERY good news. After all we did to rebuild it to find a lot of the housing areas mostly destroyed again was heart wrenching. They have finally made it so NO ONE can destroy the houses again to inflated the rents.

Housing Update:

- The Housing Channel has been renamed to the Shop Channel.
- Residental Areas have been renamed to Marketplaces.
- Guilds can no longer demolish the housing for the Shops.
- When the contract for the guild castle is up, the system will replace the guild automatically.
- Once the system takes over the guild castle, all houses will pay the same tax regardless of the type of houses they own.
- You can no longer remodel the house, and place crafting facilities or brownies when the system is in charge of the guild castle.
- You can no longer remodel the house when the system is in charge of the guild castle.
- All of the underground castle dungeons can be accessed and passes for the dungeons are sold for 1,000 gold.
- Minimum bidding fee for a shop is fixed at 100,000 gold regardless of its appearance.
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